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Property Maintenance

Lawn Care

The lawncare service is provided on a weekly basis, begining in April and ending in October. We use nothing but the very best equiptment on the market for this service, knowing that our custumers are looking for the very best, in our finish product. When we are hired for this service the customer knows that there lawn will be cut, trimmed and walkways will be blown off on a weekly basis leaving there property in prestine condition at all times.

Spring Cleanup

The spring cleanup service begins as soon as the snow melts. Winter brings a mess and leaves a mess when its done. Limbs are broken of trees, grass gets matted down from the snow and stone from the driveways sometimes get pushed up from the snow piles. This service eliminates the work of getting your property ready for the summer months. We remove all limbs, stick and leaves that may have blown onto the property through out the winter. We vacuum the lawn and clean up all matted down areas from the snow. We put any gravel back on the driveway that may have been misplaced from snowplowing. This service really sets the property up for the growing season.

Fall Cleanup

As autumn comes to an end and the colors have faded from the trees, a mess remains. The fall cleanup address the leaf pick up and removal off your lawn. It is very important to make sure this is done on a yearly basis to help prevent your lawn from dying. Any thick areas of leafs that are left on the lawn through out the winter will kill any grass that is under them. This service is done with large vaccums that are attached to the mowers and trucks. We do blow out all the flower beds when requested and will leave the mulched up, sucked up leaves, in a composting area at the owners request. This service is highly recommended to all our clients.

Snow Plowing and Sanding

Our winters are very unpredictable here in the northeast. Snow and Ice are almost a deffinet from December to March. We provide around the clock snowplowing and sanding for all our customers. From the biggest Nor easter to the smaller of the storms we are there. Ice storms are extremely dangerous and sometimes leave the areas they hit paralized. We have all the equiptment ready for if and when this occurs. From sanding and salting to cutting up and removing any down trees from the ice. We monitor the weather around the clock when any storm is going to take place and are prepared at all times for the worst. We are out providing our services before, during and after all the storms.