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Landscaping Services

Pool area designed with old foundation walls

Pool area designed with old foundation walls

At Country Lawnscapes, we understand the power of a well-designed and a beautifully maintained landscape. A finely crafted design-build project can reveal your home’s untapped beauty and functionality. Carefully scheduled maintenance care keeps your landscape in peak condition all year long, preserving your property investment. Our landscape designers and maintenance professionals have years of success working with clients to envision their homes’ hidden potential, and will provide you with the professional, expert services you need to help you make your vision of home a reality.

Quiet country home landscaped and designed 

Landscape Installation

Landscape Design and Install

Landscape design starts with taken your outside surroundings and giving it the interest and meaning that you as a person want. It could be taken a large field and putting rolling hills in it. It could be taken a wooded area that rests down below your house by a stream and making a staircase down to it with a patio area for relaxing by the water. A landscape design could be removing an existing straight driveway and moving it into the woods with turns, uplighting and stone walls bordering slopes along some of the edges. Giving interest to you and guest as they arrive at your home. Landscape design could be a simple stone wall cutting across a large lawn to give it some interest. When we do a landscape design, we work with the owners or contractors hand in hand. We give them what they want with a twist of our own ideas.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting unfortanetly is overlooked alot times in Landscapes. Lighting does an amazing thing to a homes landscape at night. It is amazing what happens when you light up some of the largest speciman trees on your property, a boulder or a pathway. You create an outside area that you can now enjoy at night. Low voltage lighting is used as well as high voltage lighting to illuminate the tops of large trees. Low voltage lighting can also be installed in lanterns to light a pathway or some spot lights shining into to illuminate a small pond.Hardscape Desing: There is alot of questions out there when we say hardscape design. Some people have heard of it before then others have no clue what hardscape is. We do alot of hardscape design with patios, retaining walls, specialty boulders that sometimes gets mixed in with the softscape design such as the flower beds. Then other times these designs are set by themselves away from the flowerbeds as there own identity.

Cut stone path

Cut stone path

Hardscape Design

Hardscape design, such as these described, can be used for purpose such as holding back a dirt bank or just for cosmetics. There are a lot of products to choose from that we use, when we intall these hardscapes. Some example would be field stone, bluestone, or paving block. We sometimes reccommend as well, 6×6 pressure treated for some retaining purposes and this mixes well with some very specific house designs.

Water Features

Relaxing is a necessity that we all need a lot more of in our lives. A nice sound of a small stream water fall outside of your screen porch on a summer evening, does help. Our waterfall features range from a 1′ high water fall, to a 30′ high waterfall. In many cases we install small to very large ponds in gardens and in fields. A water feature added to your property doesn’t just add value it adds a sence of serenity.